Do I really need an attorney if I am receiving weekly checks in my workers’ compensation case?

Unless you just enjoy being provided the basic minimum you may be entitled to, then “yes” you still need an attorney! In a compensable workers’ compensation case, the insurance company is obligated to meet certain basic requirement like paying your checks and medical bills and it is not doing you a personal favor. Insurance companies are in the business of making profit, not protecting injured workers. We are in the business of protecting injured workers and will fight for all possible rights to which you may be entitled.

I meet injured workers everyday who were never told they may be due mileage costs for medical visits or provided reliable transportation if they have none. They were never told they can be provided an interpreter for doctors’ visits if they do not speak English. One of my all time least favorite tactics is when injured workers’ are not told they are entitled to have a visit with their doctor privately before a nurse paid by the insurance company gets to come in! Another serious issue is that insurance adjusters may be paying the incorrect weekly check to an injured worker, which can be a very damaging thing for the value of a case. All of these concerns and more will be addressed by a knowledgeable attorney. CALL MAGGIE, and let us protect you and your family!