Hurt on the job? Call Maggie.

Certified* NC Workers’ Compensation Specialist

When you have an accident at work, your first thoughts may jump to questions such as:
“Will I be okay?”
“How will I pay my bills?”
“Will I lose my job?”

Workers’ compensation laws were designed to protect workers by addressing those questions.

Recovering from an injury can be a frightening time and it’s hard to know which attorney to call. When your wages, your family, and your future are at stake, you deserve a specialist by your side. You certainly wouldn’t consult a foot surgeon about heart surgery. Likewise, do not hire just any attorney to handle your workers’ compensation case. Hire a specialist. Call Maggie, a Board Certified* Workers’ Compensation Specialist.

Maggie and her team will help you determine if you’re entitled to financial compensation after being injured on the job or suffering from a work-related illness.

If it is serious enough to keep you from returning to work, we can help with your claim. Benefits of workers’ comp typically include coverage for your medical expenses and lost wages, as well as compensation for permanent disability or disfigurement.

However, collecting the money you are due can be difficult. Workplace injuries must be reported as soon as possible to claim benefits. Any delay could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars owed to you.

Focus on taking care of yourself while Maggie and her workers’ compensation team at Shankle Law Firm, PA take care of your case. We are ready, willing, and able to fight for you!

High-Risk Occupations

Below are examples of high-risk industries and occupations. However, workers can be injured in any type of job, even if it is not high-risk:

  • Medical – caregivers / paramedics / nurses
  • Construction – laborers / roofers / carpenters / electricians
  • Warehouse Workers – forklift drivers / machine operators
  • Manufacturing – assembly lines / production workers
  • Transportation – truck drivers
  • Emergency Services – police officers / firefighters
  • Landscaping – tree cutters / landscapers
  • Hospitality – restaurant / hotel workers

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Alberto G.

"I came here because another client told me they would take good care of me and they did."

(HVAC Technician)
Workers’ Comp Case

Alafia A.

“I called Maggie. She told me that if I was ready to fight, she was ready to fight for me.”

Banking Representative
Workers’ Comp Case

Avery G.

"Maggie works hard for you."

(Truck Driver)
Workers’ Comp Case

* Maggie Shankle is Board Certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law. This puts her in an elite class of specialists who have met rigorous criteria, including additional testing and displaying a superior understanding of Workers’ Compensation Law.