Why Work with Us?

“We Care How Our Clients Are Doing, How They Recover and What Happens Even After They Receive Their Settlement Checks.” – Maggie Shankle

From that first phone call, we stay connected with you, helping you understand what to expect and how the legal system works. We prepare you for medical appointments, so you’ll know what to do and how to better communicate with your doctors. We feel this is a significant part of the process other law firms neglect. We’re committed to getting you the best outcome for your case. Our highest compliment comes when our clients say they think of us as family and care enough to refer their friends or family members to us.

What our clients say…

Alafia A.
(Banking Representative)

Workers’ Comp Case – I had problems with my hands at work and knew I needed help. I called Maggie. She told me that if I was ready to fight, she was ready to fight for me.

Maggie has a great team! They are respectful, caring and very informative. Throughout my case, they kept me up to date. I really appreciate the time and attention they took to take care of me. I trusted Maggie and her staff and I had a great outcome. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Alberto G.
(HVAC Technician)

Workers’ Comp Case – I came here because another client told me they would take good care of me and they did.

Avery G.
(Truck Driver)

Workers’ Comp Case – Maggie works hard for you.

Crisli L. and daughter
(Construction Worker)

Workers’ Comp Case – I was hurt at work last year. So I came and talked to a paralegal and I liked the office because a lot of people speak Spanish. In this kind of situation, it is better to speak to someone in your own language. You feel more comfortable and you understand every single word.

When Maggie came in, I couldn’t believe I was meeting her. Years ago, I had a car accident and never even met the attorney. She and everyone in her office were so welcoming and so nice. My case is settled and I got more than I ever expected. Now Maggie and her staff are people I have in my heart. I never forget about them.

Anybody, even if they think their problem doesn’t have a solution, needs to call Maggie.

John M.

Workers’ Comp Case – I made my living as an auto mechanic until I was injured at work. When it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to return, Maggie handled my Social Security disability claim.

She and her team have been great. Maggie told me upfront it’s a waiting game. I had no second thoughts about calling with questions and somebody was always there to pick up the phone and answer them.

Getting disability is a very complex process. I am so glad I had Maggie and her staff behind me, making sure everything was going the way it was supposed to. Having never been in that position before, you just don’t know!

Betty W.

Personal Injury Case – My husband and I were in a car accident a couple of years ago. We were at a standstill and were hit from behind by a car going 45 miles per hour. The seats broke and there was glass everywhere. I was completely knocked out and don’t remember a thing.

Soon after, I called Maggie. She is not just a brilliant lawyer; she has a big heart. She’s been right there by my side. If I didn’t understand something, she took take the time to explain it to me. I know she’s busy and everything, but if I had a question, she’d email or call me.

Jorge A. and Family

Immigration Case – I came to Maggie with an immigration case. I tried other attorneys first, but no one could help me. She had handled another case for me years earlier and at that time, I was her first Spanish-speaking client.

I didn’t know she handled immigration cases, but I called and she was really open and happy to help me. I also learned that she had since hired many Spanish speaking people on her staff. I am really thankful for that, because they have helped me and really understood my family’s problems and concerns.

My family and I are happy and thankful because I now have legal status and we are all together. People should know if they have any problems, they can go to Maggie and she will resolve them!

* Maggie Shankle is Board Certified by the North Carolina State Bar as a Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law. This puts her in an elite class of specialists who have met rigorous criteria, including additional testing and displaying a superior understanding of Workers’ Compensation Law.