Some super harmful things you may being doing to screw up your case

I get it, your workers’ compensation checks are rolling in, your medical care is being covered by the insurance company, your employer is kind-of being nice to you…of course you think you don’t need an attorney! Don’t be lured by a false sense of security, because the reality is that the insurance company could stop paying checks, paying for care, and your employer could terminate you in NC despite having a workers’ comp case.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at work? Are you covered by workers’ comp if company fun goes amiss?

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Maybe your company is celebrating St. Patty’s day with an outing, or maybe you were injured walking to an off-premises social event with coworkers or playing softball at a company function. There are many situations like this that I am asked about frequently when an injury didn’t happen at work, but has some connection to a person’s job.

The Dreaded Season of Paying Uncle Sam…

If you are fortunate enough to be gainfully employed and earning income, you are likely gearing up for filing taxes on April 18, 2016. Or, you may one of the early birds that already filed and hope for a rapid tax refund…if so congrats to you for getting it over already! About this time each year our workers’ compensation clients call asking if they owe taxes on their workers’ comp benefits or settlement.