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If I’m injured while driving on the job, is that considered Workers’ Compensation or Personal Injury?

Many professions now require you to drive as part of your job. Whether it is delivering items (pizzas, packages, materials) or driving to a destination to make a sales call, perform a service, or meet with a client, your job may require that you drive.

So what happens if you are injured in an automobile accident due to some else’s negligence while driving for work? Is that considered a Workers’ Compensation (WC) case or a Personal Injury (PI) case? Well, often, it is both and is referred to as a “dual’ (WC and PI) claim.

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Most People Love Amazon Prime Day, But How Are All Those Packages Delivered?

Each year, Amazon hosts its annual Amazon Prime Day!  Initially known to rival Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day has now grown in to the largest “single day” shopping event in the United States.  Though this day is typically held in July of each year, as a play off of “Christmas in July”, it was pushed back this year due to the uncertainties associated with the coronavirus.

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What does “Personal Injury” really mean?

Contrary to popular belief, personal injury is not just found in auto wreck cases.  There are many types of accidents that fall in to this legal category:

Car / Auto Accident: This is the most well-known category and the most common.
Dog Bite: There are several rules behind what is an actionable “dog bite” case.

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I was in a car accident, but it wasn’t my fault! Now what?

When a car accident is not your fault, it may seem straight forward that the other person’s insurance should pay for everything. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

There are numerous steps involved, but here are a few things you can do in order help protect your case:

If there are any witnesses, be sure they stick around for the police to arrive in order to give their statement as well.

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Protect your teen from a car crash

Many teenagers have sadly perished in road accidents in North Carolina. In its 2017 Traffic Crash Facts, the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said teen drivers aged 15 to 19 were involved in 52,385 car crashes, resulting in 88 deaths. The DMV added that 12,869 teens were injured in auto accidents in the same year.