Beware of giving a recorded statement!

Injured at Work and the Insurance Company Wants to Take a Recorded Statement…You May Want to Speak with an Attorney First!

If you are injured at work, the insurance adjuster may ask for a recorded statement or to record a conversation with you as to how the accident occurred. This recorded statement is crucial to your case and may be used against you later. This recorded statement is one of the main things that the adjuster will use in their determining to accept or deny your case. In some instances, one small word can make your injury a valid one versus one that will be denied. Given that adjusters typically have more experience in work injuries that the injured person, they may manipulate the conversation to lean towards a claim that can be denied. Though not all adjusters apply this tactic, some do. You need to know your rights and how to protect yourself when reporting how the injury occurred. We strongly encourage you to speak with an attorney PRIOR to providing a recorded statement or any statement to the adjuster.