Be careful! You could be messing up your workers’ comp case!

I get it, your workers’ compensation checks are rolling in, your medical care is being covered by the insurance company, your employer is kind-of being nice to you…so, of course you think you don’t need an attorney! Don’t be fooled by a false sense of security, because the reality is that the insurance company could stop paying checks, paying for care, and your employer could terminate you in NC despite having a workers’ comp case. CALL MAGGIE, and consult with a lawyer to know your rights. The consult won’t cost you a dime, and it just may save your claim from being messed up later. If you do screw up your case, it doesn’t mean a lawyer cannot help you, it just likely means you will suffer financial loss or lack of medical care during the time the attorney is litigating to try and correct the mess!

Here are a few tips that may help prevent your case from going south quickly:

• Make sure you report any injury to your employer immediately. You only have 30 days to provide written notice and if you do not, your case could be seriously compromised.
• Don’t try to tough it out in pain. You need to ask your employer to send you to a doctor if you are hurt. If you do not seek medical care, that could be viewed as you are not in pain rather than you are trying to have good work ethic. Trust me on this one.
• The workers’ comp insurance company is allowed to direct your medical care if they are paying for the treatment. It is not recommended that you go treat on your own with a doctor the insurance company did not approve, as it could compromise your benefits. This is not to suggest that if you need emergency care that you do not go, but try to stick with approved doctors when possible and when it will not harm your health of course.
• If you are receiving weekly checks, you are not permitted to also earn wages or take a new job (even if the job is light duty). It is fraud to earn wages from a job and also receive TTD checks.
• Be cautious before you return to work on light duty. You first need to make sure you can actually do the job and will not cause further injury. You could also risk being fired as soon as you walk back into work and are unable to do the job. Due to these extreme possibilities, we recommend strongly that you speak with a lawyer for more guidance prior to returning to work. Return to work issues are very tricky.

These tips are not the only ways your case can go south in a hurry! CALL MAGGIE for a free consultation and for more details so we can help you while you get well for a safe return to work!