If you think you’re being watched, you probably are!

If you have a work injury and file a workers’ compensation claim, expect that a private investigator may be watching you at any time. Insurance adjusters quite possibly fantasize about catching you snow skiing when you have an ankle injury or lifting your child when you have a back injury. We understand that you still have a life to live even if you are hurt, so things like lifting groceries or a child may be second nature. Try to think before you do something by second nature that you will pay for in bed resting later. Unfortunately, surveillance will never show how you were on the couch for two days after you had to lift those groceries or mow the grass! The insurance company typically knows where you live and where you go to see your doctor, and they can have an investigator follow you. These people are not always in little white vans, but could even be sitting at a soccer game for your child or in your doctor’s waiting room. We encourage you to keep your private information private, as much as possible.  This includes being cautious of what you post on social media, as they often check for posts that they could use against your case as well.