Most People Love Amazon Prime Day, But How Are All Those Packages Delivered?

Each year, Amazon hosts its annual Amazon Prime Day!  Initially known to rival Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day has now grown in to the largest “single day” shopping event in the United States.  Though this day is typically held in July of each year, as a play off of “Christmas in July”, it was pushed back this year due to the uncertainties associated with the coronavirus.

Due to the coronavirus, Amazon was caught off guard and had a significant increase in online orders.  This caused several issues with their operational logistics, which turned in to inventory shortages, and delivery delays.

As they prepare for the upcoming annual Prime Day, one must think… how do they handle the delivery of all of those packages?  Given that Amazon would not want to upset customers with a delay in their deliveries if at all possible, the options would be to have their current employees work additional hours or hire additional staff.

An increase in workforce or an increase in labor hours both come with an increase of those at risk of sustaining an injury at work.  When you add in delivery drivers to the mix of those getting injured, there is not only the risk of a Workers’ Compensation claim, but also the risk of a Personal Injury claims due to a motor vehicle accident.

We appreciate those who work harder and longer hours so that we can all enjoy days like an Amazon Prime Day.  We appreciate our essential workers during COVID-19.  We appreciate those of you who are waiting anxiously to be called back to work.  You should all be well taken care of if you have an unfortunate accident. Work injuries and car accidents can be stressful and complex.  If you are involved in an injury at work or a car wreck, please know that we are here to help alleviate your financial and medical worries through your claim.

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