Will Delaying Medical Care Negatively Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Will Delaying Medical Care Negatively Affect My Personal Injury Case?

Imagine you’ve just been injured in a car wreck or other significant accident and emergency medical providers arrive on the scene. You feel anxious, overwhelmed, and upset. The emergency providers strongly suggest you seek medical care as soon as possible, but with adrenaline pumping through your veins and thoughts rushing through your head, going to the hospital is the very last thing you want to do. You feel fine, maybe a little sore, but overall, you feel fine – right? Wrong!

If medical providers suggest you should get checked out or you have been in any accident that involved jarring to your body, you should seek immediate medical attention. Why? Because symptoms of an injury do not always immediately show up, especially when there is internal bleeding, organ damage or an injury to the back or spine.
The only way to know the full extent of your injury is to get medical attention, and at Shankle Law Firm, we suggest you get that medical attention immediately following the accident. If you are injured and you wait, no matter how short, two things are likely to happen: 1) the injury will progress and, 2) you will damage the quality of any personal injury case that you decide to file.

In any Personal Injury case, the longer you wait to seek medical treatment, the harder it becomes for you and your attorney to prove your injuries resulted from your accident. Waiting leaves the door wide open for the opposing attorney to argue, “Surely, If the injuries from the accident were as serious as you claim and were actually sustained as a result of the accident, you would have sought immediate medical attention.”

This argument becomes more and more difficult to refute the longer you wait to receive medical attention. It can also potentially affect the final amount of your settlement. Determining the direct cause of your injuries is vital to your case and the sooner you can establish they resulted from the accident, the better.

So, if you have been in an accident and you were jarred in any manner, you should seek medical treatment immediately. Do not wait. For more information, contact Shankle Law Firm at 704-370-1212. We will be pleased to arrange a free consultation with owner / lawyer, Maggie Shankle. Allow Shankle Law Firm to provide you with the legal advocacy, care, and compassion you deserve.

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