Do You Know Who You Work For?

Do You Know Who You Work For?

When you have been injured on the job and call Shankle Law Firm office for your completely free initial consultation, one of the most crucial questions you will be asked outside of the nature of your injury is, “who is your employer?” Why? Because to file a workers’ compensation claim, we must be able to identify your employer.

Sounds easy right? Everyone knows their employer. Well, not everyone. In many situations your actual employer may not be the individual or company compensating you for your work. For example: you work construction and your friend’s brother got you the job. Your friend’s brother pays you in cash or via a personal check. But guess what, you friend’s brother is not your employer. Your friend’s brother works for a sub-contractor who is your true employer. Determining your employer can be a bit more complicated than you might think, and it can leave you feeling like this:

Luckily, we’re here to help!

If you are unsure of who exactly your employer is or how to find out, here are some things you can do to help collect that information:

*Take a picture of your company logo. For example, the logo on a company truck, a t-shirt with the company brand or hats or uniforms. Branded items can help us locate your specific employer.

*Determine if there are several companies/businesses working together on a project. If so, it is possible the company you work for is a sub-contractor for a larger general contractor (i.e. your company has been hired as an employee for another company). To be safe, you should note the names of all parties that appear to be working on the project where you were injured.

Being injured on the job is a stressful experience. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be complicated. Navigating the workers, compensation law IS complicated. If you or a loved one are injured at work, please, contact Shankle Law Firm at 704-370-1212 for your free consultation with Maggie Shankle. Maggie is the owner and a Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, which is the highest ranking you can you have in the practice of Workers’ Compensation.

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