Top 5 Questions from Clients Involved in a Car Wreck:

Top 5 Questions from Clients Involved in a Car Wreck:

(1) Will the driver who hit me pay for a rental car?
In North Carolina, the driver who is at fault is required to provide you with a rental car through their insurance. If this driver has car insurance, it is their insurance company that will fund and provide you with the rental car. This area of the law can become tricky however, as you must contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company to submit your request, which they have the potential to deny following an investigation of the accident. It is a far safer option to hire a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable of these loopholes and the countless “techniques” insurance companies employ to limit the amount of your benefits . Further, at times using your own rental car insurance policy (assuming you purchased that coverage) may be quicker, and you may get repaid later in settlement of your claim.

(2) When will I have my car repaired?
While it is up to you and the paying insurance company to come to an agreement on where the car repairs will take place, insurance companies often have arrangements with certain auto shops that offer them discounted rates. Unfortunately, if this insurance company is sending a good deal of their business (damaged cars) to this shop for repairs, your car could be last in a long line of repairs, and you could wait a very long time for your car to be repaired.
While you have the legal right to choose which repair shop your car is taken, be mindful that the insurance company will want you to pay the difference if the shop of your choosing is more expensive than the one the insurance company has picked. An attorney can help with this situation.

(3) Who is going to pay for my medical care?
Your medical insurance, your automobile medical bodily injury coverage (Med-Pay), and the driver at-fault’s bodily insurance coverage are all sources that could potentially pay for your medical expenses. It can get complicated as to whom is liable and is always recommended to have an attorney help sort this out.

(4) Should I take the small offer the adjuster gave me for my injuries?
Without consulting an attorney, the answer to this question will always be no. You should never accept the small offer the adjuster gave you just because it may seem like the easier option. Insurance companies are aware that after being in a car wreck, the compounding stress of your injuries and paperwork can push you to accept their smallest possible offer in order to lighten the load. Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interests, they are just trying to pay out as little as possible. Engage an attorney who can make sure you are getting all the care and compensation you are entitled to under the law.

(5) Do I need an attorney?
While you are not required to have an attorney, the process after being involved in a car wreck can be overwhelming and complicated. Here at Shankle Law Firm, we are available to help you through every step along the way. For more information, contact us at 704-370-1212 for your completely free initial consultation with owner and attorney Maggie Shankle.

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