An Accident With a Commercial Truck is NOT the Same as a Car Accident

An Accident With a Commercial Truck is NOT the Same as a Car Accident

Taking to the highways instead of only using city streets can be one of the most time efficient ways of getting to your end destination. The only drawback, as we have all experienced, is that the highways have become the primary domain of commercial trucks! They are everywhere -- from 18-wheelers to service pickup trucks -- the highways are littered with them. These often-gigantic commercial trucks have engines up to 6 times larger and weigh 30 times more than your average automobile. Obviously, a collision with one of these trucks can result in extensive damage to your automobile and serious injuries to you and or your passengers.

But did you know that from an injury claims perspective, an accident with a commercial truck is vastly different and more complex than with an automobile? Well, they are.

First, there are many more players involved in a commercial truck accident than with a typical automobile accident, any combination of which could be liable for the accident:

• the truck driver
• the truck owner
• the trailer owner
• the trucking company
• the truck manufacturer

Second, the cause (or causes) of a commercial truck accident can affect the type of accident claim(s) you file and against which parties. For example, your accident claim would look one way if the truck driver was intoxicated. The claim would look and entirely different way if the driver was operating the truck while fatigued or distracted (texting). The claim filed would look even different if the cause of the accident was due to an overloaded trailer or to excessive speed or faulty brakes or taillights. The cause / liability scenarios of a commercial truck accident are endless and truly do require the skills of a trained truck accident lawyer to fully determine all the causes of the accident and the corresponding responsible (liable) parties.

In case you are involved in a trucking accident, we at Shankle Law Firm strongly advise you immediately take the following steps:

• Report the accident to the police.
• Exchange insurance and contact information with the truck driver.
• Take pictures of everything in the accident and around it, along with any visible bodily injuries you have.
• Ask any witnesses who saw the accident to stick around to give a statement to the police. If they cannot, ask them for their name and contact information so that you can tell the police once they arrive on the scene.
• Seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not feel it is necessary. Many injuries can present themselves in the hours or days following an accident and seeking immediate medical attention to have all potential injuries on record helps you and your attorneys in the long run.
• And finally, contact an attorney who is an expert in trucking accidents.

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