Why is it important to hire an attorney ASAP in a car accident claim?

Why is it important to hire an attorney ASAP in a car accident claim?

An auto accident can be very stressful. You are in shock. You are in pain. You are worried about medical bills and money. Perhaps you also have to put on a strong face for your kids and family, while trying to navigate life without a drivable vehicle. There are so many factors involved when you are hurt due to an auto accident that it’s hard to know where to even begin. Let us recommend that you begin by calling Shankle Law Firm to take some of the burden off of your plate. There are valuable pieces of information that could make a sizable difference in the results of your case monetarily, which is why we highly recommend you consult with and/or hire an attorney asap for your car accident claim.

*Accident Report – If you were involved in an auto accident that was not your fault, you would assume that the police report (also known as the accident report) would reflect that you were not at fault. However, that is not always the case. Maybe your statement was taken down incorrectly. Maybe your statement is accurate but leaves out some important details. Perhaps the other driver, who is actually at fault, claims that the accident was your fault. Perhaps there were witnesses, and their statements were not documented. When it comes to determining liability/fault, the accident report is typically the deciding factor! Therefore, if there are any errors in the report, it is imperative to try and get them corrected immediately. If the report does not show that the other driver is solely at fault for the auto accident, your claim will most likely be denied. It is also possible that your insurance could even end up having to pay for something that you believe was not your fault.

*Recorded Statement – It is common for an insurance company to request to obtain your recorded statement when you are involved in an accident. Though this can seem harmless, you should ALWAYS speak with an attorney prior to providing a recorded statement. A recorded statement is a series of questions that an adjuster asks you about the circumstances and events surrounding an injury. Your statement is crucial to the viability of your case as it helps determine whether the insurance company will cover your claim and/or cover your damages or injuries. Remember, insurance companies look for reasons to DENY claims and save money! There are so many other factors that go into this which you can find in our full Recorded Statement Blog, but the information you provide can also be used against you later. Speaking with an attorney is CRITICAL prior to providing any statement. In some situations, your attorney may shield you from a recorded statement completely.

These are just a couple of examples on why it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible when you are involved in a car accident. We would encourage you to contact us at 704-370-1212 to schedule a free consultation with Attorney/Owner, Maggie Shankle, as we would be happy to help!

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