How Much Is My Worker’s Comp Case Worth?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from new clients is, “how much money is my case worth?” While there is no definitive answer that can be given at the beginning of your case, there are key factors that will be used to ultimately determine the value of your case. They include but are not limited to:

*Wages: A large contributing factor in determining the value of your claim will be the wages that you were making prior to the accident. Calculating the wages can be trickier than you think and at times can be a very complex issue. It is VERY important to retain a Workers’ Compensation attorney to make sure they are calculated correctly. If not, injured workers may be paid based off of an incorrect, and much LOWER rate than they should. This will also result in a lower settlement value, which is why having an attorney to sort through your proper wage rate is critical to the value of your case.
*Injuries: How severe are your injuries? What is required to repair your injuries and get you back to good health? Will you have ongoing issues such as pain? What future treatments will be needed? All of these are important questions surrounding your injuries and the answers all have values attached to them. Knowing what questions to ask your doctors will be critical, and most people just do not understand medical care sufficiently to ask the “right” questions—at Shankle Law Firm, we help prepare you to talk with your doctors.
*Work Status / Restrictions: Do you have permanent restrictions? Do the doctors think you will be able to return to work again? Or do they think you are permanently disabled? Work status and your restrictions are huge components in determining your case’s value.

Although the aforementioned items are the key components in determining the value of your case, several other factors may also be considered when determining the case’s ultimate value. Determining an accurate value for the above categories can be complex, but it is CRUCIAL to determining the true value of your case. It is CRITICAL that you consult an attorney. Your wages, family, and future are at stake. Contact us at 704-370-1212 for a free consultation with Maggie Shankle. Maggie is a Board-Certified Workers, Compensation Specialist, which is the highest ranking you can have in the practice of Workers’ Compensation. Call us today and get the experience, care and compassion your need and deserve.

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