Are Part-Time Workers Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

The short answer is yes, part-time employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation law.

More specifically, in North Carolina, employers who have three or more employees are required by law (with a few exceptions) to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance that covers both part-time and full-time employees.

One important point to note is that if you are injured working a part-time job and you have a full-time job with a different employer, the insurance company for your part-time employer is not responsible for covering any losses you may endure from your full-time job.

We understand Workers’ Compensation law can be difficult to decipher at times, especially when it comes to the exceptions that may affect your case.  That is why we strongly recommend you contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney as soon as possible after a work-related injury.

At Shankle Law Firm, owner Maggie Shankle represents all our clients.  Maggie is a North Carolina Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist, the highest designation an attorney can achieve in Workers’ Compensation law.

We invite you to contact us if you were injured at work so that we can explain your rights and get you the care and compensation you deserve.

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