Why you should consult a lawyer BEFORE you give a recorded statement in a Workers’ Compensation case

Why you should consult a lawyer BEFORE you give a recorded statement in a Workers’ Compensation case

You were injured at work and an insurance adjuster calls you for a recorded statement, just to hear your side of the story, right? … WRONG. While answering questions about the accident can seem harmless, there are many, many adjusters who will take the opportunity during the recorded statement to get you to say things that will harm your claim.

You may think, “how can they trick me in to saying something harmful if I just tell the truth about what happened?” By omission, or by your lack of understanding of how workers’ compensation cases work, or if you do not describe an accident fully, the insurance company could deny your case even if it may have been a claim that should have been accepted.

It is of the utmost importance for you to have consulted with an workers’ compensation attorney BEFORE you give a recorded statement. When you call Shankle Law Firm for your free consultation, we will ask you all the questions necessary to gain a full understanding of your accident. We also will explain to you the importance of what should be stressed during a recorded statement to ensure the full details of your accident are on record.

Remember, to most insurance adjusters, you are just a number. You are not on their team. Their job is to pay you as little as possible. No matter how polite or nice or accommodating they may seem, they are not your friend.

At Shankle Law Firm our responsibility is to you and only to you. We want you to get the care and the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation law is complicated and what you say during your recorded statement is vital to the success of your case. Do not “wing it!” Do not leave it to chance. Consult a workers’ compensation attorney before you give a recorded statement to anyone.

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