To Trust Or Not To Trust Your Employer When You Are Hurt At Work…

To Trust Or Not To Trust Your Employer When You Are Hurt At Work…

Imagine this… You were injured at work. Your employer is telling you they will personally pay for your medical treatment. Sounds good, right? WRONG. Some employers may try to personally pay for your treatment as a way to avoid filing your claim on their insurance. Perhaps you have an adjuster involved in your case, and you feel like everything is going smoothly. After all, they are paying for your medical treatment and you are getting weekly checks for your accepted case. No need to hire an attorney since they are paying, right? WRONG.

Work injuries can be tricky. Here a few of the many issues that can go awry in your case that appears to be going smoothly:

1. The insurance company may be paying for your medical treatment, but what if you aren’t fond of the doctor or would like a second opinion on a recommendation.? An attorney can help walk you through the proper channels of trying to obtain another opinion.
2. The insurance company may be paying for your medical treatment now, but if a more invasive or costly procedure is recommended that they choose to deny, what now? It’s better to have an attorney already involved to prepare and assist you in a circumstance like this. Insurance companies at times will pay for medication and therapy but refuse to pay for injections or surgery for example.
3. If your case is accepted and you are receiving weekly checks from the insurance company, you may think there would be no need for attorney. However, what if the insurance company is not paying you at the proper weekly rate? What if they should be paying you more? What if they are paying too much and then you owe them money back later? An attorney will know how to obtain the proper documentation to ensure the weekly checks you are receiving are the correct amount. Not only does this correct amount value affect the weekly wages you are receiving, but it also has a significant impact on the overall value of your claim upon settlement.

One important thing to remember about work injuries, is that all claims are different. Issues can arise at any point during a claim and it’s best to ensure that you are protected…. from the very beginning. At Shankle Law Firm, your initial consultation is completely free! So, call us at 704-370-1212… and let us better explain how we can help you.

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