Why Should I Immediately Report My Work-Related Injury To My Employer?

Why Should I Immediately Report My Work-Related Injury To My Employer?

You were injured at work… now what? It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you immediately (or as soon as is possible) report your injury to your employer.

We understand there may be several concerns swirling in your mind as to why you think you should not report your injury. Maybe you do not feel your injury was severe enough to report. Maybe you are concerned your employer may fire you. Maybe you like your employer and are worried filing a claim could harm them. Or, maybe you are too busy and will get to it later in the week. Regardless of what you are thinking, we can assure you that reporting the injury is critical to the success of a workers’ compensation case. It could be fatal to your claim to delay reporting. Further, speaking to an attorney prior to giving any statements formally to the insurance company is strongly recommended!

You may be asking, “why?”.

• In workers’ compensation claims, if the injured worker does not provide written notice of the accident to the employer within 30 days of the accident, the claim could be denied.
• A delay in reporting the claim could cause important details to be left out, so it is important to report the claim while the injury (and details) are fresh in your mind.
• The sooner the injury is reported, the sooner you will be able to receive any necessary treatment that you may require.
• You could be in shock on the date of the accident and not truly understand the extent of your injuries. If your injuries progressively worsen, it may be harder to prove the injuries were a result of the accident if you do not immediately report the injury.
• If the injury is OSHA related, OSHA has their own deadlines in which an injury must be reported. These deadlines can vary depending on the severity of the injury.

The items above are just a few of the reasons it is extremely important for you to IMMEDIATELY report your work-related injury. For more information specifically related to your claim we encourage you to contact us at 704-370-1212 for a free consultation with Maggie Shankle. Maggie is a Board-Certified Workers, Compensation Specialist, which is the highest ranking you can have in the practice of Workers’ Compensation. Call us today and get the experience, care and compassion your need and deserve.

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